MedicalPath2Safety Ltd was founded to embed aviation safety expertise into clinical practice. The parent company, Path2Safety Ltd, owns an exclusive patented methodology that identifies actual and potential points of failure in any system.

Omar Malik is a former RAF pilot and British Airways Captain. He created and patented the methodology Failure Path® Analysis (FPA), based upon his 40 years experience of aviation safety and his 20 years in aviation security management. He is the author of a well-reviewed book on risk. He has a PhD in risk management from the University of St Andrews, and sundry degrees from other old universities.   Cyril Freedman is an experienced businessman. For over 40 years he has invested both his own and venture fund money in start-ups, early stage, turnaround, and high growth companies worldwide. He built the garden and leisure division of Pentos plc into a leading business. He has served as Chairman and as a Director on the Board of many companies and has worked with major firms in the Venture Capital and Private Equity sector.   John Scurr, FRCS is a world-leading Consultant Surgeon for Vascular and General Surgery. He is widely published in medical periodicals and textbooks, is a frequent presenter at international conferences, and a leading expert witness in medical negligence cases. Mr. Scurr was a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at University College and Middlesex Hospital School of Medicine, a Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of London and Head of the Department of Vascular Research. He has participated in several UK and EU government medical bodies and think-tanks.   Jon Collins has over 25 years broad-ranging experience as an IT project director. Since beginning his career as an analyst/programmer in 1987, he has worked as an IT strategy consultant, an information security expert, an IT director and an industry analyst.